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Synergy Custom Club Fitting

Don't Pay More. Get More.

Are your clubs allowing you to swing your swing? Or are they forcing you to adjust your swing because they were engineered to fit some other person's mind, body, and swing?


A properly fit club should help you swing the way your body is built to swing. At Synergy Golf, we know that everyone is built differently. That's why we believe everyone should play clubs that are built specifically for their swing. Our in depth fitting process allows us to work with you to find a set of clubs that will allow you to swing in perfect synergy.


Synergy Golf will match the advertised price for any club we sell. What won't be matched is our level of service and expertise. But that's not all, because we so firmly believe that fitting is an essential part of any club purchase, Synergy Golf will apply your fitting fee to your club purchase. Don't pay more. Get more.


Synergy Golf is an authorized Mizuno retailer. Our PGA Professional utilizes the full Mizuno Fitting System, including the latest version of the acclaimed Mizuno Shaft Analyzer. This Mizuno technology coupled with Synergy Golf expertise allows everyone to find the clubs that will allow them to maximize their potential.

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