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The goal of Synergy Golf instruction is to teach you to swing like the best version of you. We don't teach based on textbooks or templates. We listen. We assess. We learn. And then together, we find the swing that is the perfect synergy of your mind, body, and soul.


At Synergy Golf, our fitness training programs are specifically designed to help your golf swing by improving your movement patterns. We achieve this goal by increasing your strength, stability, speed, stamina, and flexibility.   


Synergy Health is a full team of medical professionals working together under one roof and with one mission: to provide innovative, non-surgical, non-opioid treatments to help get people out of pain as soon as possible so that they can get back to doing the things they love.


When your clubs are properly fit for your swing, the result is more consistency, more power, and more fun. Synergy Golf features custom fit Mizuno golf clubs as well as 

Bettinardi, EVNROLL, and SeeMore putters. Schedule your fitting today!



The goal of Synergy Golf is to maximize your potential on the golf course by improving your golf swing, your movement patterns, and your mental approach. Our programs help golfers lower their handicaps while enjoying higher levels of energy and lower levels of discomfort. 


13020 Livingston Road, Suite 14 

Naples, FL 34105

Golf: 239-829-6361

Health: 239-263-3330

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