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5 Lesson Package


Playing Lesson

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Junior Lesson (Ages 10-18)


5 Junior Lessons


Full Game Assessment

The Full Game Assessment is where the journey begins. The information gathered during this in-depth analysis of your mind, body, and swing enables the Synergy Golf team to draw the map that will guide you on the journey to your maximum potential. After the intial 90 minute assessment, the Synergy team takes the time to study the vast amount of information collected. From that thorough evaluation of data, the Synergy team determines the best course of action for improvement in all phases of the game. In the included 45 minute follow-up session, the results are explained, a recommended course of action is detailed, and all your questions are answered by Head Golf Professional Justin Ahasic.  


For the Power Up Your Swing program, Synergy Golf Head Pro Justin Ahasic teamed up with Dr. Stephanie Ahasic Cr. Chris Ellis of Synergy Health to create a golf training program that will benefit golfers of all ability levels. This isn't your typical gym routine. Instead of barbells, squat racks, and treadmills; we utilize PowerPlates, a ReACT eccentric trainer and other specialized equipment during the personal training sessions. Those tools allowed us to create a personalized program that is both safer and more efficient than typical workouts. Whether you're an elite athlete or you're someone whose body is holding you back from enjoying the game, Power Up Your Swing will benefit you. 

But Power Up Your Swing doesn't stop there. All those exercises we do during the personal training sessions, they aren't simply an exercise in vanity. Will you look and feel better? Absolutely, but that isn't the point. You can have the fastest car in the world, but if you don't know how to drive it, it's only good for Instagram pictures. That's why Power Up Your Swing includes Synergy Golf swing analysis and instruction. We don't want you to waste all that newfound strength and flexibility. And like the personal training sessions, Synergy Golf instruction is not your typical golf lesson. We use cutting edge technology to identify not only your weaknesses, but also your strengths. We then use that information to guide you on the journey to finding the swing that is the perfect synergy of your mind, body, and soul.

4 Week Program - $899

Includes: Movement Analysis, 4 Swing Lessons, 8 Personal Training Sessions

12 Week Program - $1299 

Includes: Movement Analysis, 5 Swing Lessons, 16 Personal Training Sessions 


Golf is about much more than the swing. In these sessions, Synergy Golf Professional Justin Ahasic will take you through the Synergy Golf Performance Program. This program focuses on performance on the golf course. It begins with an assessment of both your game and your mental approach. Topics that are covered include pre-shot routines, post shot evaluations, nutrition, statistical analysis, shot selection, focus strategies, calming strategies, practice methods, tournament preparation, and so much more. All programs are individually engineered to meet the specific needs of the player. If you are interested in this program, please contact Synergy to set up a consultation.   



Synergy Golf Virtual Swing Analysis 

Synergy Golf Professional Justin Ahasic will analyze your swing virtually by sending a Swing Catalyst video with detailed feedback about how to improve. Please do not expect a detailed list of flaws. All virtual students should expect a specific dynamic change recommendation as well as one or two adjustments to your address position that will facilitate the recommended dynamic change. Please make sure to include video from both down the line and face on.   


Whether you want to work on your game or have some playing some of the world's top golf course simulations, these sessions are for you. 


Swing Catalyst / FlightScope Session (60 min)

FlightScope Combine


5 Hour Synergy Simulator Pack


10 Hour Synergy Simulator Pack


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